Roadball Rally - 9 Month update

It has been a little over 9 months since I released my first game, Roadball Rally, on iOS and Android. Here are the total numbers since release:

  • iOS - 115 installs, 8 reviews, 10,200 ad impressions, and $2.05 in earnings
  • Android - 600 installs, 19 ratings with a 4.58 average,  32,700 ad impressions, and $7.73 in earnings. 
  • Almost 12,000 YouTube trailer impressions and 700 Twitter followers since launch.

I released a significant update in January with a new, brighter look but this didn't make any difference. The game is basically invisible, especially on iOS, so no one is aware of the update. 

Roadball Rally is a free, fun and addictive action game. Swipe to control your ball and avoid oncoming traffic across a variety of incredibly challenging levels including Tilted Road, Aerial View, and Wobble Ball. Use coins to purchase shields or balls. Take the Roadball Rally challenge and try to be the first to complete all 10 levels!.