Roadball Rally - 2015 Summary

In early September of 2015 I released my first game, Roadball Rally, on Android and iOS. Here are some numbers from the first four months of release:

  • Total income of $7.66 on approximately 25,000 AdMob impressions with an impression RPM of $0.31.
  • 266 installs on Android with 15 reviews and an average rating of 4.47. The app was installed by almost 25% of users who viewed the Google Play store listing.
  • 72 iOS installs on 495 App Store views. Seven 5-star reviews and one 4-star review.

Roadball Rally was a complete commercial failure. I wasn't expecting much but I was hoping to earn enough to recoup the cost of the Mac Mini I purchased in order to release the game on iOS. 

Since the release I've attempted to promote the game on Twitter, YouTube, and various forums. I've gained over 450 Twitter followers and the YouTube trailer has over 4,000 views but the time consuming attempts at promotion have not resulted in any significant bumps in installs.  Roadball Rally is practically invisible on the App Store and Google Play with only direct searches for 'roadball' or 'roadball rally' leading to store listing views and app installs.

My plan for early 2016 is to release an update to Roadball Rally with a new road, new walls, and other graphical improvements. Here's a screenshot of the new look:

After the Roadball Rally update I will make another attempt at promoting the game. I also plan to start brainstorming ideas for a new game. Hopefully I can take what I've learned from Roadball Rally to create a unique, fun, and successful new game.