Roadball Rally - Month 2 update

Roadball Rally has now been available for two months on the Google Play store and one month on the App Store. The numbers are still very small.  Approximately $3.00 in ad revenue on a bit less then 12,000 ad impressions, around 100 installs, and a few mostly positive reviews.  The numbers are split almost evenly between Android and iOS but the game has been available on Android for twice the amount of time.

My attempts at promoting the game have not had much success. I've published a gameplay trailer to YouTube, created a Facebook page, and shared screenshots and videos on Twitter using the popular #indiedev and #gamedev hashtags. None of this has led to an appreciable increase in installs outside of family and friends.

The release of Roadball Rally has been a personal success but a commercial failure. It has been a great learning experience, an excellent conversation topic, and a fun game to play with my family but it hasn't generated any significant interest or income.  I still haven't given up, with an updated iOS version soon to be released, I'm planning another marketing push on Twitter and YouTube. And if that doesn't work, I think I'll take what I've learned and make another game.